An Introduction

A Floral Imperative is about creating and maintaining a low-waste and circular-mindset life. It is a spot for appreciating things that aren't things (new music and good food) and some things that are things (second-hand books and thrift store jeans).

About me: Hi, I'm Alexa! I live and work in Nashville, by way of New Orleans and several other cities. I'm a cat lady who loves thrift store hunting and a good floral print. I don't hate Amazon "Alexa" jokes yet, but give it another year and I might. I write plays and I read anything. If you give me something to edit, I will remove all of your exclamation points and parentheses, even though I use them liberally (sorry!).

My plastic-free journey began in November 2016. The easiest first step was bringing my own bags to the grocery store, and that has evolved into making my own toothpaste, nixing plastic wrap, and continually hunting for a natural deodorant recipe that actually works. I'm all about making the small daily choices to reduce plastics usage, like refusing plastic straws and bringing my own bamboo utensils just in case. I still have miles to go, and plan on detailing those adventures here.

I hope y'all enjoy!