A Round-Up and A Recipe

Happy Sustainable Sunday! This week I had a BIG plastic-free win when I realized I am getting much (much!) better at remembering to ask for "no straw" at bars and restaurants. For a long while I would get distracted by the bustle of getting settled at a table, deciding what to order, and would forget to specify. But now it's almost second-nature (hoorah). And, perhaps even better, I'm getting to know the restaurants that don't serve drinks with straws unless specifically asked for them (Two Ten Jack in East Nashville, I'm giving you heart eyes). A little over a year into working on a plastic free life and I'm almost getting a hang of it.

I try to do my DIY projects on my lazy Sundays, and that includes making face masks, lip scrubs, and toothpaste. You can find the ingredients for all of these in Nashville either in bulk (baking soda, sugar) or packaged in reusable glass jars (local honey, coconut oil). Turnip Truck is my current go-to for all of my ingredients.

So! Here's a quick, zero waste toothpaste recipe.

4 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons baking soda
A few drops of peppermint essential oil

Mix them all together in a glass jar (I use an old candle jar). Voila: toothpaste! Obviously run this by your dentist first, but it has been working great for me for about two years with no problems.

Happy Sunday!